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Application for exequatur of a foreign insolvency proceeding in Spain

If a non-Spanish debtor has been declared insolvent by a non-Spanish Court and has assets [...]

Enforcement of a foreign judgement debt in Spain

Before proceeding with the enforcement of any court decision in Spain, we must first check [...]

How to proceed with the enforcement of a worldwide freezing order in Spain

Worldwide Freezing Orders (WFO) – also known as “mareva injuctions” or “freezing injuctions” – ordered [...]

False supplier fraud in Spain: different ways to proceed

Unfortunately, the number of bank transfer scams and frauds in Spain has increased exponentially. These money transfer [...]

Asset Tracing & Recovery: the importance of making a previous analysis of the debtor before proceeding judicially

Asset Tracing & Asset Recovery lawyers Given our extensive professional experience in the practice of [...]

The Importance of Asset Recovery and Asset Forfeiture to Provide Legal Justice

Fraud is an increasingly common delinquency in our society, and therefore, it is highly important [...]

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