Lawyers and tax accountants for your business
in spain and latin america

LaWants, Lawyers & Accountants S.L.P. is a firm of international lawyers and tax accoutants that helps international clients do business in Spain, the United States and Latin America, by providing them with tailor-made legal and tax services.


LaWants is made up of experienced lawyers dealing with international business law and tax advice. We specialise in assisting international businesses with interests in Spain, the United States and Latin America. Being an "international lawyer" means being available to foreign clients in order to help them analyse and execute – including from a cultural point of view - their business project abroad.

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Our team of tax accountants conducts accountancy work and offers tax and consultancy services to international entrepreneurs and companies with interests in Spain, the United States and Latin America.  The main objective of our tax accountants is to help international companies invest and operate with total confidence on the international arena. We like to stay in touch on a day-to-day basis with our clients, get to know their challanges and help them achieve their goals.

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Your legal and tax consultants for your business in Spain

We are a professional firm at the service of international businesses. We aim at becoming a trusted advisor for every legal, accounting and tax aspect of your daily activities. We do not limit to responding to your requests, but strive to make your business perform better and grow abroad.

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Our professionals are the real added value of LaWants.

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We make you available a wealth of information related to the issues of greatest impact for your business in Spain and on international markets.

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25 Apr 2016


We work with every client with expertise and professionalism by providing legal, tax and accounting services for international companies. We anticipate the requests of our clients and meet their needs effectively and rapidly. Our aim is to become a key partner of our clients by offering them results-oriented professional advice.

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LaWants - Lawyers and Accountants
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