Finding investment is one of the foundations for starting a company or a business plan. A good search requires time, preparation and a complete analysis on the market in which you want to operate.

Below we mention the main steps to find investment in Spain: 

  • First of all, you should define the project that we want to offer to the potential investor.
  • Second, stand on the type of investor we want to address.
  • Third, determine  if it is more convenient to have one or more investors.

Working together with a team of experts in the search for investments in Spain will allow you to streamline the previous steps and achieve all your set objectives in a faster and more effective way.

How to find investors with the help of LaWants

Lawants has a wide network of international contacts, and a very diverse and transactional client portfolio.

We have been accompanying people and companies for years to materialize their projects thanks to a solvent investment. That is why we consider ourselves experts in advising to search for investors.

Our team will bring you closer to the most suitable investor for your business to guarantee its success.

Find investors for your business

There is a wide variety of ways for reaching on investors. We mention you 3 main types:

1. Business Angels: Are companies and individuals that invest on the beginning of a business plan or at the start of a company to obtain the acquisition of one or more shares of the company.

2. Crowdfunding platforms: it is an investment drawned from digital platforms that raises money through small investments made by different agents or people.

3. The 3F: Its name stands for family, friends and fools. This type of financing is the one that we receive from our inner circle of trust. It is usually the first source of investment that startups turn to. 

As we have already advanced, they are individuals who invest a part of their capital to enable the start of a business project. Likewise, this type of investors participate in an active way in the development of the business, providing essential assets such as contacts, knowledge, advice and experiences.

We always recommend our clients to rely on Business Angels at the time of undertaking an economic activity, since apart from offering important economic support, they offer other type of assistance whose value is immense in the initial phase of a business project.

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