Probably the toughest moment for lawyers who deal with civil and commercial disputes comes when, after obtaining a favourable Court decision that grants their client’s claim, discovers after initiating the enforcement proceedings that the debtor has no assets to pay their debts.

Hence the importance of carrying out a proper national and international Asset Research & Investigation activity, in order to ensure that in the event of being condemned, the debtor will be able to fulfil his payment obligations.

Indeed, Asset Tracing is a highly important preliminary activity that undoubtedly makes a difference in terms of obtaining positive results, as the success of the recovery of assets depends above all on their localisation. 

Aware of how necessary and useful it is to have as much information as possible about a debtors’ assets, at LAWANTS we offer high quality Asset Research & Investigation services in order to try to ensure the recovery of our clients’ debts. 

Whether in the pre-litigation or judicial phase, we help creditors from all over the world to locate all types of assets in Spain owned by their respective debtors, such as real estate, shares, vehicles, ships and aircrafts, assets of artistic and cultural value or rights in rem, amongst others. 

Through searches in public registers, we check in the pre-litigation phase if debtors own any property that can be seized or enforced, which allows us to give the judicial claim the procedural approach that best suits the interests of the creditor and that offers the best guarantees in terms of asset recovery.

Asset Recovery lawyers

LAWANTS has extensive experience in the practice of Asset Research & Investigation in Spain. Our skills in locating and tracing assets in the pre-litigation phase allow us to determine beforehand the feasibility of initiating legal proceedings and to define the best litigation strategy to be followed, always with the aim of achieving the best result for the creditor’s interests.

As expert Asset Research, Investigation & Recovery solicitors, we can know beforehand if a debtor is solvent and whether they are the owner of any enforceable or seizable assets.

This prevents us from initiating proceedings where the asset or debt recovery is not possible, thus avoiding our clients incurring unnecessary and wasteful legal costs

Contact us if you need the best legal advice regarding Asset Tracing in Spain!

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