The number of scams and frauds committed is significantly increasing, especially in the world of cryptocurrencies.

These kind of crimes cause important economic and financial damages to the victims, who unfortunately are not always able to recover the money and assets that they have been defrauded of. 

In the case of fraud, the recovery of defrauded assets is even more difficult. It is therefore extremely important for victims of fraud and scams to have the best legal advice in fraud matters and to act quickly and effectively in order to avoid or minimise as much as possible the damages caused to them. 

Expert lawyers in criminal, commercial and civil fraud in Spain

LAWANTS has extensive experience in assisting individuals and companies from all over the world who have been victims of fraud, scams, or other related crimes in Spain.

Our team intervenes in complex criminal proceedings, always with the aim of achieving the highest possible protection of victims’ rights and interests and obtaining the restitution of their assets, as well as demanding maximum liability of  fraudsters.

Our team offers legal assistance to victims of civil, commercial or criminal fraud in Spain.

Contact us if you need the best legal advice for the recovery of your assets.

Criminal fraud in Spain: different ways to proceed

There are different ways of dealing with criminal fraud in Spain: 

  • Initiating criminal proceedings against the fraudsters before Spanish competent Court
  • Reporting the facts to the Spanish police authorities 
  • Initiating a bank claim in cases where fraud is related to payments made through bank transfers, such as the well-known false supplier fraud

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