A labor consultancy is responsible of the management of all labor areas between employees and the company.

It acts as a conciliator between employees, employers and public bodies that have competence in labour matters. Thus, it is a service that aspires to act as a guide for companies to make decisions and offer the benefits and subsidies that may exist in this area.

Employment law advice LaWants

Lawants purpose is to offer employment advice to international companies and assist them on hiring employees and get established within the Spanish legal framework.

Our labor service aims to work as a department of the company without the need of having experts in their own team. The main advantages of working with us are:

  • The decision-making in this area is more efficient, as we have a broad technical knowledge in labor matters.
  • Our knowledge and experience grants customers to save on costs and time.
  • We keep up with any changes that may arise in labor regulations, so that our customers avoid both penalties and fines.

Labour law consulting services

Having a good labor advisor is essential allowing a company to be up to date with all the obligations that must comply with  the State and the Public Administration, it also serves as a guide for the employer to make the right decisions in labor matters, such as those related to obtaining benefits and subsidies from which the company can benefit

The labour advisor is also responsible for ensuring the protection of the company’s interests and, therefore, must adapt them to the existing labour legislation at both national and international level.

An employment advisor must also be able to create policies on recruitment and dismissal, among others.

Employment legal advice

At Lawants we work jointly with our clients at all times, always trying to understand their objectives and concerns. It is not easy for a foreign company to understand the regulatory differences in the labour field.

That is why we have expert lawyers with effective international experience to offer the best labour services in Spain. Our priority is that the client understands exactly the labour law in Spain, and can make the best decisions for the management of their employees.

Our labor, legal and financial consulting services in Spain is characterized by the fact that it acts as an area of the own company, which offers numerous advantages:

  • It grants us having a very broad technical knowledge in the field and to make efficient and effective decisions.
  • Our extensive experience and expertise in labour law allows our clients to save unnecessary costs and time.
  • Our team of employment lawyers and advisors in Spain are constantly aware of any changes in employment legislation, which allows the company to avoid incurring infringements that result in fines or other sanctions.

LaWants employment law specialists

Lawants counts with a team of expert consultants  that offer a complete service responsible for the selection of personnel, up to the hiring, the establishment of the contract terms of the employees, the proceeding of the payrolls and the provision of documents that must be presented to the Spanish public bodies. 

Contact us and find out about our services, we will be pleased to help you.

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