Financial analysis aims to observe financial information to reach the best business decisions.

Determining those aspects will be a guidance for understanding the financial situation in which your company is located and will permit you to anticipate your future behavior and carry out an adequate decision-making to achieve your goals.

Investment analysis

The objectives of the financial analysis are, fundamentally, the following:

  1. Know what situation your company is in at a certain time.
  2. Check if your company is in financial health to meet its obligations.
  3. Know how to act to improve the financial health of your company.

To carry out the above objectives, our financial experts will measure the different ratios of profitability, liquidity, solvency, etc. and, through these results, will determine the current state of the company to predict its evolution in the future.

Being able to determine the current situation of a company allows our financial lawyers to  offer an accurate forecast on the impact of certain business decisions on the economics of the business.

We help the financial situation of your company

The goal of an entrepreneur is to obtain the maximum profit for its company. Sometimes companies are forced to request financing to undertake new projects or simply to increase their liquidity.

When this happens, financial advisors conduct a solvency analysis to determine whether the company can meet the obligations arising from such financing.  

For this reason, our financial experts carry out a profitability analysis to determine the capacity of any commercial company to generate and obtain economic income and to maintain or improve its growth.

Our financial lawyers

Lawants counts with a large team of financial analysis experts- from financial lawyers to accounting and labor experts– that work together on having a broad knowledge on the activity and the environment of your company. 

Getting advised by our financial experts, will grant you a financial health of your company to make an adequate business decision making. 

Likewise, it will make it possible to carry out a business diagnosis that allows leaving behind an unfavorable financial situation or economic crisis or, in case the company enjoys good financial health, achieves its objectives and improves its results in the shortest possible time.

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