An accounting Consultancy aims offers a comprehensive and complete accounting service for a company. Performs a function of assistance of financial, economic  and accounting areas with the aim of guaranteeing the continuation of the activity of a company.

What is accounting consulting

Accounting consultancies inform about all the resources that a company has to undertake an economic activity. Therefore, it performs an important role of assistance to understand and advise the client on the correct decision making that must be carried out. 

The functions of an accounting advisor are very broad and diverse. Among others, there are the review of accounting, the preparation of profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and reports, the provisioning of accounting documents and keeping of records.  

Both for the start of an economic activity and for its continuity, it is essential to have a good accounting advisor.

Accounting consultancy services

A good accounting advisor acts as a guide and mentor in the economic sphere and is responsible for ensuring the progress and smooth running of a business. It also warns of any risks that may arise and affect it. The fact that most distinguishes a good accounting advisor from the rest is his ability to go beyond keeping a simple orderly accounting of society, making a broad analysis of the economic reality of it. 

In effect, a good accounting advisor is responsible for implementing and executing an action plan that allows the application of the necessary decisions and that guarantees the regulatory compliance that is applicable to the company in question.

Having a correct and adequate accounting management offers, among others, the following advantages:

  •  It allows to correctly guide the business activity from its beginning, guaranteeing its continuity. 
  • By having personalized assistance it is possible to adapt all business decisions to customer expectations. 
  •  It contributes to compliance with the legal and regulatory framework to which the company is subject. It saves time and significant costs, since by delegating accounting management to a team of expert professionals, the client can take care of other important matters.

Accounting consultants LaWants

LaWants is made up of a team of lawyers and accounting advisors who have extensive experience in business accounting management.  

Accounting advice at Lawants is based on actively and jointly participating in decision-making that affects the accounting of the company. In this way, the company has from the first moment all the necessary information to know how to act in this area.  

Our consolidated professional experience in accounting advice provided to companies around the world allows us to have a broad and transversal vision of accounting.

We offer tailor-made accounting services, as well as a unique and personalized treatment. Our priority is to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives. 

Therefore, if you want to open a headquarters in Spain or rely on a team of expert accounting and legal advisors, do not hesitate to let yourself be advised by our team.

Contact us and find out about our services, we will be happy to help you.

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