A tax consultancy is in charge of financial counseling and advising clients about any update or tax requirements. It advice according on how to save money and make financial wise decisions.

Tax consultant services LaWants

Our tax experts offer the best tax advice to clients with an international presence and/or with interests abroad. To carry out international economic operations anywhere in the world it is necessary to work together with an international tax lawyer, and in Lawants you will find the best. In addition, we are also specialists in asset tracing and recovery and accounting advice.

We help our clients to identify and choose the best business model and the best operation for their activities and economic interests, taking into account all national and international tax implications, whether related to direct or indirect taxation.

Our tax advice will allow you to have a global perspective of the activity you want to carry out through the analysis of all possible international tax implications.

Likewise, we can advise you on the application of the benefits contained in the International Treaties to avoid double taxation, helping you to regularize your tax situation with the realization and presentation of all those necessary tax models.

We are very attentive to the different regulatory changes in international taxation that may affect our clients in some way, always evaluating the tax implications that may arise from these changes.

Our priority is to keep the client constantly informed and accompany them at all stages of the process.

Contact us to let you be advised by the best international tax advice.

What do tax consultants do

A tax advisor is an expert in tax law who is dedicated in guiding  clients according to their obligations in tax and accounting matters. When someone is a foreigner or has interests located outside the territory in which resides, it is highly recommended to be attended by an international tax advisor.

International taxation not only takes into account the existing legal rules on tax matters at the national level, but also the different international tax systems and double taxation conventions, so it is useful and advisable to have a good tax advisor expert in the field.

Tax planning consultants in Spain

Given the great complexity of national and international tax regulations, companies need the best possible advice on international taxation. 

Thanks to our international tax optimisation services, we help our clients to carry out appropriate tax planning for their business in Spain, so that they can choose the option that has the least tax impact on their business activity.

Our extensive professional experience allows us to guide companies in identifying the most efficient operational option, analysing and taking into account the different economic and tax impacts and implications of all of them.

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