From our offices in Barcelona and Madrid, at Lawants we provide personalized, high quality, and result-oriented professional services to our clients. Our team has an extensive experience in providing legal assistance in Asset Tracing & RecoveryFraudInsolvencyCivil & Commercial cross-border disputesDebt Collection, and Enforcement matters. By means of a complete and exhaustive case analysis, we define the legal strategy to be followed to achieve the best possible result for our clients.


Regarding debt collection, we engage in national and European injunction proceedings, ordinary proceedings, as well as in exequatur procedures regarding foreign judgments and arbitral awards, as well as enforcement proceedings arising out of European Enforcement Orders.


There are two mechanisms for claiming a debt in Spain: out-of-court and in-court. The vast majority of creditors contact the debtor before initiating any type of legal proceedings. In order to try to reach an agreement and settle the debt.

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LAWANTS has extensive experience in the practice of Asset Research, Investigation & Recovery in Spain. Our skills in locating and tracing assets in the pre-litigation phase allow us to determine beforehand the feasibility of initiating legal proceedings and to define the best litigation strategy to be followed, always with the aim of achieving the best result for the creditor’s interests.


LAWANTS has extensive experience in assisting individuals and companies from all over the world who have been victims of fraud, scams, or other related crimes in Spain. Our team intervenes in complex criminal proceedings, always with the aim of achieving the highest possible protection of victims’ rights and interests and obtaining the restitution of their assets, as well as demanding maximum liability of  fraudsters.

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LAWANTS offers not only significant and consolidated experience and expertise in insolvency proceedings, but also professional advisory services to both individuals and companies that find themselves in situations of liquidations and corporate restructuring.


At LAWANTS we have consolidated experience in complex cross-border litigation connected with Spain. By having a wide network of collaborators in different countries and being part of professional associations with international presence, we can provide legal assistance to our client in practically all jurisdictions, offering them a complete legal advice.

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LAWANTS is also a leading firm in the enforcement of foreign judgments in Spain and provisional measures granted by foreign courts, such as worldwide freezing orders. When enforcement is needed, our team can offer you a highly specialised legal assistance. As expert lawyers in International Private Law, we represent our clients in complex enforcement proceedings, ensuring the protection of their claims and focusing on obtaining the recovery of their debts.

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