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Betsabe Leal
Lawyer, Litigation and dispute resolution

Qualified to practice law in Venezuela and Spain, with effective legal experience in both legal systems. During her professional career she has worked in the legal field in different countries such as Venezuela, Spain and the United States.
Betsabe Leal is a litigation lawyer with expertise in civil and commercial litigation, specialized in providing legal services to foreign companies in Spain. She handles a wide range of legal matters, including claims, directors’ liability actions, corporate conflicts and resolution of disputes arising from agency and international distribution agreements. Also assists in out-of-court dispute resolution and enforcement proceedings, particularly in relation to foreign judgments and arbitration awards in Spain. Another of her areas of action is advising in the field of new technologies law, social networks and intellectual property, she has advised companies and professionals in the drafting of software development contracts, confidentiality agreements, privacy policies, cookie policies, terms and conditions, among others.
Graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona and the Catholic University of Táchira, Venezuela, she has completed her training by completing the Master in Legal Practice at ICAB (2009) and the Master in ICT, SSR and IP at ESADE (2023). Member of the Barcelona Bar Association since 2011.

Languages: Spanish and English

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