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Register of accredited companies – REA for Construction Activities in Spain

The REA Register in Spain, Registro de Empresas Acreditadas (REA) is compulsory for all companies that work in the construction sector in Spain.  Companies that subcontract construction or engineering work in Spain must obtain the Registro de Empresas Acreditadas (REA) Working in the construction sector includes all activities in which one or more workers intervene on a construction site.

Electrification, machinery installation or other work carried out in an industrial shed does not necessarily constitute work in the construction sector. Only construction sites fall under this classification and then the REA is required.

What is the REA number of accreditation for a company

All companies – even foreign ones – that are willing to be contracted or subcontracted to carry out work in the construction sector in Spain is obligatory to first obtain registration with the REA (Register of Accredited Companies) in order to be able to certify that they meet the minimum capacity and quality requirements for the prevention of occupational risks. But what is the REA number?

The REA number of accreditation is like a passport. It serves the company to prove that it has an adequate organizational structure in terms of material and human resources. In other words: the REA is used to prove that the company is capable of carrying out work on construction sites in the construction sector and that the company is registered with the appropriate register.

 REA Code: where do I find it?

To find out where to find a company’s REA number or code, consult the official web page and enter the company’s identification data:

How do I get the REA?

Contact our firm to find out the requirements to process the REA registration. If the activity to be carried out in Spain relates to construction work, assembly/disassembly of prefabricated elements, air conditioning systems or installations, transformation, rehabilitation, maintenance, preservation of buildings and other activities related to the construction sector, there is an additional obligation to register with the REA (Register of Accredited Companies), in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1109/2007.

The purpose of the legislation is for the posting company to prove that it meets the requirements for occupational health and safety imposed by Directive 89/391/EEC. Once registration has been obtained, it will be valid throughout the national territory and for a period of 3 years.

Any further obligations and/or fulfilments to be fulfilled by the company may arise from the specific type of activity to be carried out in Spain or from other regulations that are not strictly labor-related (e.g. entrance, stay, work of foreigners).

Our firm has significant experience on how to obtain the Registro de Empresas Acreditadas (REA), and we deal directly with the application at the competent regional authority where the worksite is opened. Unfortunately, foreign companies that belong to construction sector cannot apply for it themselves as they have neither a ‘NIF N’ tax code nor a digital certificate in Spain.

Technically, once we receive the order from the client, we request information about the company and the site where the work will be carried out. With this information we compile and electronically submit the request to the competent authority to obtain the REA. Once granted, the REA number of accreditation is sent to us by email and is valid for three years from the request.

Documents required for REA registration in Spain (depends on the region where you apply):

Once granted, the REA is valid throughout Spain, but the first time it should be submitted to the region where the construction site is situated. Unfortunately, each region has its own structures, forms and documents to submit.

There are regions where it is sufficient for the foreign company to submit the request by attaching two self-certifications in PDF, and others that require notarized visas bearing the Hague Apostille by the Chamber of Commerce accompanied by their translations. In addition, there are regions that charge a small fee for submitting the request and others that grant it free of charge.

Lawants has significant experience on how to obtain the REA number of accreditation code in the construction sector in Spain, which is why we recommend that our clients contact us to analyze their operations in Spain and receive advice on the quickest and most cost-effective way to obtain REA registration.

Tax obligations for foreign companies with employees in Spain

There are no particular obligations as long as the duration of the work does not exceed 12 months. But beware: preliminary activities should also be taken into account when calculating the 12-month period. Companies often underestimate this point; we advise and strongly recommend reading this article and contacting us in case of doubt.

Information needed to apply for REA register in Spain

We have seen that the documents required vary from region to region, but in general the information needed is the following:

  • General description of the company applying for REA (for example: leading company in the sector of ****).
  • Description of the productive organization of the company (for example: the company is organized by ****).
  • Report of the material resources used on the worksite (explain well what type of material resources will be used, forklifts, bulldozers, etc.).
  • Description of personal resources on the worksite (personnel employed, managers, collaborators, professionals, etc.)
  • Name, surname, identity card number, professional qualification and duties of the employees seconded to Spain + period of secondment.
  • Description of the activity to be carried out on the worksite, exact address of the worksite and details of the client. Project, timeframe. Any subcontracted companies.

Our firm will send you a detailed list of all the documents and information needed to apply for the REA Register of Accredited Companies in Spain. Lawants offers international legal services to help its clients find the best legal form to obtain your REA Register in Spain, Registro de Empresas Acreditadas.

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