New Court fees in Spain

The Spanish Parliament is currently discussing a project for significantly raising Court fees before the end of 2012.

Such increase is very likely to be approved during the month of November and will, also very likely, come into force before the end of the year.

Up until now, only corporations with an annual turnover higher than 8 M € were liable for Court fees in Spain.

When the project comes into force, all businesses (also small and medium-sized) and natural persons will be liable for Court fees in the majority of legal procedures.

The amount to be paid will consist on a fixed amount varying from 150 € to 300 € in proceedings in the first instance (higher fixed fixes are foreseen for appeals) plus a 0,5 % of the amount claimed (for claims until 1.000.000 €) or 0,25% for claims higher than 1.000.000 €.

Should you be in a position to start a legal procedure before the Spanish Courts, we strongly recommend that you analyze whether such new taxes would be applicable to you in your case and also about the viability of starting such procedure urgently, before the new Court fees come into force.

Héctor Sbert Pérez

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