Lawants contributes to the Chapter of CDR’s Fraud, Asset Tracing & Asset Recovery in Spain

Héctor Sbert, Partner, and María de Mulder, Senior Associate, have contributed on behalf of Lawants to the Chapter of CDR’s Fraud, Asset Tracing and Asset Recovery in Spain.

The publication covers the key legal framework and main stages of fraud, asset tracing and recovery cases in several jurisdictions.

In their contribution, our authors have highlighted the modernisation effort of the Spanish judicial system in the last 25 years. This has particularly benefited the field of asset tracing and asset recovery in Spain. The country has since long established a powerful civil asset tracing system that includes most of UNCITRAL’s recommendations, equipping Spain with interesting asset recovery methodologies. We can now count on a powerful system of asset tracing and asset recovery in Spain, particularly in comparison to other jurisdictions of its same continental legal tradition, which includes compelling tools like debtor’s assets disclosure orders and even electronic tracing and freezing of the debtor’s bank accounts.

You can access our contribution on Fraud, Asset Tracing and Asset Recovery in Spain here or download the pdf here.

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