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Our joining Blita has gotten us to know a public catalog of services to invest in Barcelona.This catalogue is offered by “Invest in Catalonia-Accio 10”, an agency of the Government of Catalonia. The agency maintains a close dialogue with institutional and private partners, like Lawants. The key is attracting players willing to invest in Barcelona, its metropolitan area and the rest of Catalonia. The activities of “Invest in Catalonia” are complementary to those offered by such other partners. They are oriented at providing a one-stop shop for project needs and public administration contacts for foreign investors that wish to invest in Barcelona and its surroundings. “Invest in Catalonia” acts as broker a and strategic facilitator with the public administration and other public bodies. Its actions include:

  • Search of business locations
  • Information on financing incentives
  • Search of local partnership
  • Expansion and development

With 30 years of history, “Invest in Catalonia” has captured 206 business investment projects in the last five years, with a volume of 1,400 million euros and the creation of 19,283 jobs.

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