Insolvency and fraud in Spain in times of COVID-19: FraudNet’s Podcast

How have the judicial, fiscal and administrative authorities reacted in the face of the COVID-19 crisis?
How have companies been affected?
What fraud scenarios have been uncovered with the crisis? What recommendations can we give to CEOs, CFOs or other senior executives in this new work environment, as well as in the face of the increased number in insolvencies derived from the current situation?

Join our Partner Héctor Sbert in this episode of the ICC FraudNet Podcast (in Spanish), led by Rodrigo Callejas and Emanuel Callejas A., members of Carrillo & Asociados in Guatemala, to analyze this exceptional moment that is having a global impact. Listen also to the comparative analysis carried out for North America by Joe WielebinskiEdward H. Davis, Jr. and Matt Lindsay, Q.C., members of FraudNet in the United States and Canada.

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