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Digital certificate in Spain: how to get one

Step by step guide on how to obtain your Digital Certificate FNMT in Spain

The FNMT Digital Certificate in Spain (certificado digital) is an electronic certification provided by the FNMT-RCM. It is a very important credential in Spain, since it connects the subscriber with signature verification data and validates their identity: by installing this certificate on a computer, the user can authenticate themselves online and securely communicate and share information with others and organizations, ensuring safety and confidentiality. In this article we will illustrate the procedure to obtain a Digital Certificate or Electronic Signature in Spain as a foreigner from another country.

What is the Digital Certificate or Electronic Signature Certificate?

The digital certificate or electronic signature in Spain (commonly known as certificado digital in spanish) is used to identify yourself, access all the online services and carry out all procedures with the Spanish public bodies.

The FNMT Digital Certificate for a Natural Person is issued by the FNMT-RCM, and contains the person’s identification data, allowing them to carry out different procedures in safety and confidentiality.

Who can apply for the Digital Certificate in Spain?

The Digital Certificate in Spain is available for both natural persons and legal entities.

Any spanish and foreign citizen can apply for the FNMT certificate, as long as they are older than 18 and possess a DNI, NIE or NIF.

The digital signature is compulsory for companies for tax purposes and it must be renewed every two years. To apply for the Electronic signature in Spain, a company must hold a NIF, and its representative own a NIF, NIE or DNI.

How to get the Digital Certificate in Spain: procedure

From Lawants, we can arrange all the procedures to obtain the Digital Certificate and take care of all the incumbencies, without needing your physical presence in the Spanish territory.

Being our Firm qualified as an “Autoridad de Registro” we can identify and verify the identity of the beneficial owner and authorize the issuance of the digital signature in Spain.

Thus, we request you to send us the following documents by email:

  1. photo of the front of the identity card of the legal representative (in *.jpg format)
  2. photo of the back of the identity card of the legal representative (in *.jpg format)
  3. photo of the representative’s face showing their identity card to verify its correspondence (in *.jpg format)
  4. email address of the legal representative
  5. cell phone number of the legal representative (Italian mobile phone number, or any other country number is also fine)
  6. updated simple chamber of commerce of the company.

Steps to download the digital certificate from PC or Mac (WARNING: DO NOT USE CELL PHONE, TABLET OR CHROME BROWSER)

  1. Once we have received the above-mentioned documents, we will proceed with the application for the issuance of the electronic certificate.
  2. The legal representative will receive a link by email to confirm the request.
  3. On the next screen you will have to accept the issuance of the certificate by selecting the box that appears at the bottom of the page.
  4. On the next screen you will have to enter the code received by SMS and choose a password.
  5. On the next screen you can download the generated digital certificate directly to your PC/Mac.
  6. This is a file in x.p12 format; Please send your certificate and password in two separate emails so that we can use it andbe able to properly manage your location in Spain.

Please note that once the certificate has been generated, the legal representative will receive a last email with codes to keep. These codes will allow the legal representative of the company to REVOKE the certificate freely and at any time.

You can ask for your We remain available for clarification and for any enquires that may arise.

Thank you apply for your digital certificate in Spain by using our contact form.

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