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LAWANTS invited by UNCITRAL to the International Colloquium on “Civil Asset Tracing and Recovery”

Friday December 06 2019

LAWANTS will participate in the International Colloquium organized by the United Nations Commission on International Commercial Law (UNCITRAL) on Civil Asset Tracing and Recovery, scheduled for December 6 in Vienna.
The participation of LAWANTS is due to the invitation received by its partner Héctor Sbert, lawyer and bankruptcy receiver and a specialist in the subject, that was the topic of his doctoral thesis.

The United Nations Commission has summoned Héctor Sbert as a specialist in Civil Asset Tracing and Recovery to an international Colloquium in the capital of Austria, which aims to gather the different experiences related to this matter at international level.

The Colloquium wants to analyze the techniques currently in place in civil, criminal and bankruptcy matters and define aspects for the future work of UNCITRAL, with a view to drafting an international legal instrument that harmonizes the legal treatment of the issue at a global level.
The Colloquium is organized by the UNCITRAL Secretariat, in cooperation with other international organizations. It will be a day of debates that will take place informally and that is restricted to professionals specialized in the subject.
The presentations will be translated into the six official languages ​​of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish).
The symposium program and more information can be found at


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