When it comes to debt and asset recovery, enforcement is surely the most important judicial stage, as it involves the seizure and the enforcement of the debtor’s assets.

Our skills in pre-litigation asset search enable us to obtain a previous knowledge of the debtor’s assets and to apply for specific enforcement measures on such assets at the time of filing the enforcement action. 

Furthermore, once the enforcement proceedings have been formally initiated, we can periodically apply to the competent court for new asset searches on the debtor’s assets and subsequently request their seizure and enforcement.

Civil litigation and enforcement lawyers

Our team is highly specialized in the enforcement of judgments, as well as in the enforcement of arbitral awards in Spain. Moreover, we are expert lawyers in the seizure and enforcement of all types of assets, such as real estate and any kind of movable properties (shares, vehicles, ships and aircrafts and assets of artistic and cultural value, amongst others).

LAWANTS is also a leading firm in the enforcement of foreign judgments in Spain and provisional measures granted by foreign courts, such as worldwide freezing orders.

When enforcement is needed, our team can offer you a highly specialised legal assistance. As  expert lawyers in International Private Law, we represent our clients in complex enforcement proceedings, ensuring the protection of their claims and focusing on obtaining the recovery of their debts.

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