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Secrets of the Spanish Patent Box and Other Tax Incentives to R&D in Spain

Spanish Patent Box (also known as “IP Box”) is a tax incentive which consists in [...]

2014 Corporation Tax and Income Tax for Non Residents in Spain

With regards to the start of the general deadline for the submission of the Spanish [...]

Establishing LATAM investments in Spain

Latin America is generally well-known for being the recipient of foreign investment… but what about [...]

Invest in Barcelona

Our joining Blita has gotten us to know a public catalog of services to invest in Barcelona.This catalogue is [...]

Golden Visa in Spain

Since September 2013, new immigration rules apply in Spain to promote foreign investment. One of [...]

Agency and distribution agreements in Spain. Termination. Indemnity for new customers

Spanish regulatory framework The agency contract in Spain is regulated by a 1992 law that [...]

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